Andrew Booth

Vice-president and general manager, Instrumentation Division, Stemcell Technologies Age: 38

Growing up on Vancouver Island, Andrew Booth always wanted to see the world. Nearly two decades after living abroad, Booth is raising his family in Squamish.

"My parents have always been hard working and always really inspired me," he said, adding that he hopes to inspire his own four children. "Kids are amazing. Raising them is a very special experience. I have way more ideas of things to do with my kids than time to do them."

As a design engineer with Creo in the late 1990s, Booth led global distribution and marketing efforts before the travel bug hit. "I always wanted to live in Europe and went to France to live and study for a year. After I joined GE, I learned more in seven years than in any other place."

He attended comprehensive leadership programs and rotating placements in Köln, Paris, Manhattan, Florence and London. While he was at GE, Booth learned about Vancouver-based Stemcell Technologies.

"Stemcell or cell-bound technology shows lots of promise that can naturally change the way health care is delivered to deal with the needs of an aging population."

Booth's first initiative was to take Stemcell's core competencies in house. Since he joined, Booth's team has grown to 23 people, revenue is up 34%.

"I get the advantage of working with new technology innovations. To take ideas and take them to a global stage, it's an interesting problem to have." •