Chris Day

CEO, Fully Managed, Age 36

Chris Day didn't intend to be an entrepreneur – at first.

As a student at the University of British Columbia in the late 1990s, Day studied microbiology and intended to be a doctor. But then came an offer that he just couldn't pass up.

In 1999, IT giant F5 Networks, then a startup, offered the 21-year-old a job with the burgeoning company in the United Kingdom. Day took it.

"I went. I never finished school," said Day. "And I never looked back."

He worked in the U.K. for three years. It was a busy period for Day and F5 Networks. His career progressed rapidly as he went from an entry-level sales engineer to lead sales engineer. He travelled throughout Europe, sometimes spending each day in a different country working for the company.

But Day, a Vancouver native, was homesick. He missed the West Coast, and in 2002 he moved back to Vancouver.

Upon his return, Day started CDot Networks, the IT company that would eventually morph into Fully Managed, the firm he currently leads.

Fully Managed is an IT outsourcing company that provides IT support, IT management and hosting services. Since 2002, Fully Managed has grown to about 40 employees and has expanded to Edmonton. But Day isn't done yet – he has plans to take over the sector.

In the next five years, Day sees Fully Managed growing to 150 employees and expanding across the country. He's currently considering an expansion into Calgary – to "lock down the West," he said – and eventually to Toronto.

He predicts that Fully Managed will become the most well-known brand in IT outsourcing in Canada.