Almost 60% of Canadians unhappy at work: survey


Most Canadians don’t like their jobs. A recent survey shows that 59% of Canadians polled are unhappy at work. However in contrast, 34% of respondents said they “love” their job.

Concerning work life balance, 63% of Canadians are happy with their situation however seven in 10 Canadians (68%) said they sometimes feel burnt out at their job. Mark Bania, managing director for CareerBuilder Canada said burnout is an accepted part of the working world.

“Burnout is natural and happens to even the most dedicated workers at the best of employers. For most workers, however, it’s a passing phase. But when employees start to feel as if they are burnt out all the time, that can start to affect their work and in some cases, the business overall.”

The survey polled 500 employees in Canada and was conducted online by Redshift Research.