Tyler Douglas

Forty under 40 Winner 2015: Chief marketing officer, Vision Critical, Age 38

Tyler Douglas is the chief marketing officer for a company that does nothing but think about marketing.

Douglas built the company’s marketing team from the ground up during a time of huge disruption for the business, which had once been about “making things pretty” to appeal to consumers, but now is about interpreting huge amounts of data and speaking to customers through a variety of social media to drive strategy direction.

“The marketing technology inside Fortune 500 is evolving very fast, faster than it ever has,” he said.

Douglas started his career by founding a tech startup one year after graduating from university. The company, IronPoint Technology, made website content management and work flow software and was later acquired by a San Diego-based company called Active Network. Douglas, who stayed on after the acquisition, helped the company grow from a $30 million business to a $350 million company with nearly 3,000 employees.

Douglas’ marketing team is now around 35 people, and he has worked to “to reshape the story of the company and even the strategy of the company by telling a more purpose-driven narrative about the purpose of what we do in the market,” helping to transform the company from a market research company to a market technology company.

Douglas’ ambition is to grow Vision Critical from a $100 million company to a $1 billion company.

“For us, helping companies rally around the people, humanizing the enterprise, is the greater purpose,” he said. 

“It’s more than just data.”

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