Voxter decentralizing telecommunication, one connection at a time

As a fast-growing tech company in Vancouver, Voxter has been flying under the radar, but it is now making waves servicing communication for some of the world’s hottest tech companies. Voxter’s client roster includes Slack, Optimizely, Traction on Demand and Hyperwallet, as well as other giants that can’t be mentioned publicly.

Voxter is an agile telecommunications provider that is poised to disrupt an industry that hasn’t seen innovation for a while and is full of old-school technology and infrastructure – a powerful position for a Canadian company. From its swanky Yaletown office with its own arcade room and a wall full of monitors with real-time data and network graphs, to innovative software and a powerful global network, Voxter Communications is modernizing business communication. The team is changing the game in a technology sector built on the outdated infrastructure of big telecoms.

The technology industry in North America has experienced significant advancements in the last decade but business communication is still using antiquated networks and hardware. Telecommunications and voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) services are restricted by telecom and internet service providers’ legacy infrastructure. Voxter has been redefining industry standards with a vision to make phone numbers obsolete. The team at Voxter is working to globalize reliable communication systems for business, no matter where you are in the world or what network you might be locked into.

The founder and CEO of Voxter, Dayton Turner, is a familiar face in tech circles, speaking at various conferences across the U.S. and Canada. Turner has partnered in a number of technology startups including an industry-leading online security company called Prolexic Technologies. His unique and often rebellious approach to innovation has led Turner to design and begin implementing a plan to decentralize telecommunications.

“Business voice communications is one of the most important industries, and yet it is very outdated; there haven’t been any significant, industry-changing innovations in a long time,” Turner says.

Dayton Turner, founder and CEO, Voxter

Turner’s vision is to eventually “make phone numbers obsolete by creating a cross-platform identity for each person.” This would mean that an entity or individual, despite their location, network, phone number or platform, could be reached via peer-to-peer communications. This node-to-node communication concept bypasses intermediaries and service providers altogether, empowering users and bridging communications on a global scale.

Most current VoIP services piggyback on clients’ existing, overstressed internet bandwidth, leading to inconsistent call quality and marginal reliability. Recognizing the need to alter the traditional and outdated systems, Voxter provides its own connectivity with a dedicated circuit. With technology at its core of services, the team has created a feature-rich, user-friendly software with functionality that intuitively supports today’s business needs, such as integrations into major customer relationship management platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and tools such as Zendesk and Slack.

In addition, a simplified all-inclusive pricing includes unlimited long-distance calling, mobile apps and audio/video conferencing and hardware upgrades at no cost, making Voxter an ideal choice for businesses.

Unlike some incumbent telecommunications companies, often criticized in consumer forums for lack of customer service, this team has been recognized for its refreshing approach to customer support. The team guarantees its customers will receive friendly and knowledgeable customer support from in-house, well-trained technicians who know their accounts and their needs, and often develop a relationship over time as they get to know the close-knit team.

Client testimonials are an indication of what Voxter is really doing right, in its customers’ eyes. When asked about the customer service he received, a user from a Vancouver-based business said, “My experience with Danica at the help desk was awesome, she was able to do what I asked in a timely manner and communicated with me regularly. The whole interaction was solution focused.” Another longtime customer, a technology business owner, said, “Voxter’s cloud-based PBX is very powerful yet extremely easy to set up and use.”

With the new pricing model that Voxter is rolling out this fall, clients will automatically receive new features and the latest new hardware without any added expense. With one price per user, free new hardware every few years and no hidden fees, Voxter is launching a user-friendly pricing plan that supports the way businesses work. Think of it as the VIP service of business telecommunications.

While the end of telephone numbers can be a daunting concept to some, especially big telecoms, it is a promise of a future with better-quality, convenient and reliable communications for businesses and, most importantly, the people who use the technology every day.

Fuelled by a fun and fearless attitude and drive, Voxter has become the VoIP leader in Canada (recognized by the BC Innovation Council in the Ready to Rocket award three years in a row) combining cutting-edge technology with dedicated people to liberate and modernize business telecommunications.

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