Lululemon founder Chip Wilson once again has B.C.’s most expensive property

Chip Wilson's property at 3085 Point Grey Road in Vancouver | Google Maps

Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon Athletica, has been found once again to be the owner of the most expensive property in British Columbia, according to BC Assessment data released this week.

The property, located at 3085 Point Grey Road in Vancouver, has been assessed at $78,837,000. This is up almost 4% compared with last year’s assessed value of $75,821,000. Of this year’s value, the land is assessed at $52.7 million and the building at $26.1 million.

The two-storey custom house, built in 2008, has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. In total, the property has 15,694 square feet of livable space: the first floor is 5,612 square feet, the second floor is 3,526 square feet and the finished basement is 6,556 square feet.

Like Wilson’s property, nine of the top 10 most expensive properties in the province are located on Vancouver’s West Side. Five of these properties are found on Belmont Avenue near Spanish Banks. A 770 acre property on James Island is the third most expensive in the province.

According to the new BC Assessment data, the top 10 most expensive properties in the province, with values assessed as of July 2017, were:

1. 3085 Point Grey Road, Vancouver: $78,837,000;

2. 4707 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver: $71,820,000;

3. James Island acreage: 770 acres: $54,433,000;

4. 4719 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver: $46,684,000;

5. 2815 Point Grey Road, Vancouver: $45,875,000;

6. 4743 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver: $42,952,000;

7. 1388 The Crescent, Vancouver: $42,494,000;

8. 4857 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver: $41,730,000;

9. 4773 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver: $40,276,000; and

10. 2999 Point Grey Road, Vancouver: $38,864,000.

Check out BC Assessment’s interactive map, which has a section that shows the province’s 500 most expensive properties, here.