Build wealth by venturing outside your comfort zone

Most people live within their comfort zone: that space where your activities and behaviour fit a routine and pattern that minimize stress and risk. Successful people, however, take risks – calculated risks, but risks nevertheless. Real estate investing is a proven wealth-building strategy that pushes people outside of their comfort zone.

The concept isn’t new, and there are ways to build wealth through proven real estate investing strategies. These strategies are allowing many Canadians to increase their monthly cash flow and set aside money for a comfortable retirement. Jordon and his wife, Rebecca, did just that by investing in the real estate industry.

Real estate investing has given us peace of mind that our financial future is secure,” says. We now have the freedom to choose a retirement date and live life to the fullest.”


Doing it right

Being successful and achieving this freedom well before retirement age didn’t come by chance. The s grounded their investing on strategies outlined by Keyspire, a Canadian real estate investing company founded by HGTV’s Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini.

Based on years of successful real estate investing, the Keyspire co-founders, both stars of the hit TV show Income Property, have created a straightforward, proven system. The company supports investors at all levels, from first-time investors looking for information on what types of investments are available to them all the way to seasoned investors who are looking for new strategies to grow their wealth even further.

Lifelong learning

Both McGillivray and Sarracini believe that education is the foundation of any successful venture and a journey with a beginning and no end. Keyspire offers various events throughout the year during which attendees can learn strategies, systems and processes derived from the knowledge of hundreds of real estate investors across the country and through tens of thousands of experience hours. The knowledge gained can be applied just about anywhere, such as Toronto, Vancouver or Ottawa.

McGillivray himself will be in the Vancouver area April 13–15 discussing real estate investing and sharing strategies for success. To register, click here.