Blockchain technology and its future: the Blockchain Impact Summit

The Blockchain Impact Summit is taking place in Vancouver and will offer an opportunity for initial coin offering (ICO) startups and investors to discuss how to build upon the practical applications of blockchain technology. 

The Blockchain Impact Summit, which takes place at the Vancouver Club on June 4, will showcase the evolution of blockchain technology and will be hosted by BlockChain Impact and Pinmo Blockchain. 

According to event organizers, the summit will feature four keynote speakers, including Tim Draper, a popular internet and blockchain investor and educator; Feng Han, co-founder of Elastos and a well-known scholar in the blockchain field; Scott Meng, founder and CEO of Pinmo, a blockchain-driven next-generation social sharing advertising platform; and Aydin Kilic, CEO of Fortress Blockchain

“Its purpose is to start a dialogue between people. Essentially, it’s a lot of like-minded individuals in the same room exchanging ideas,” says Gal Smolar, a business lawyer with Canadian firm Miller Thomson LLP, who is also one of the summit’s sponsors and a host for the event. 

New application discovery

Pinmo’s Meng says the summit is about connecting people and figuring out how businesses and ICO startups can utilize blockchain technology to help grow or refine their business. 

“We want to bring up the idea of what the connection is between digital marketing/advertising and the blockchain. We also want to tell the story of how blockchain can help us,” says Meng. 

Both local and international ICO communities will be coming together to discuss ideas, showcase their companies and network with industry leaders within the sector. The Blockchain Impact Summit is an important opportunity for those that wish to learn more about current regulatory structures, financial opportunities and the legal capabilities surrounding blockchain technology. 

While blockchain technology is not new, it has come to prominence after its popular use with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Blockchain has provided a solution for the problem of double spending in the cryptocurrency world and acts as the public ledger for Bitcoin transactions. Since then, it has also shown promising applications for other digital uses; exploring these is one of the many goals of this blockchain summit. 

The growth of ICOs

“The ICO industry has grown really fast because people see potentials behind how they can build different applications on top of blockchain,” says Meng. “I come from a computer science background and it feels like blockchain has been there forever. Skyrocketing prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become a catalyst for many other unique solutions and applications. Everyone is now trying to figure out what we can utilize on top of blockchain.”

Companies like Pinmo have a unique interest in attending and promoting summits like these in order to develop dialogue around ICO startups and the investment communities that are growing at great speed around them.

According to Meng, this is an important summit because ICO startups will be able to ask investors and legal counsel questions while getting access to shared experiences on how to accelerate projects after raising capital.

“Our goal for this summit is not just to introduce the Pinmo platform, but also to give partners and other startup companies ideas on how we utilize blockchain, and how we bridge the gap between blockchain and digital marketing,” says Meng.