All digital grab-and-go restaurant now open in Vancouver

No tables, no cash, no storefront at Tractor Digital

Customers pick up their orders at Tractor Digital. Photo Marquardt | Photo: Courtesy of Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods

There’s nothing new about contacting a restaurant and placing an order for takeout, but an established quick-serve Vancouver restaurant chain is taking the notion of “grab-and-go” to the next level with its “all-digital” location.

Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods, which launched in Vancouver in 2013 with its first counter-service cafeteria-line style restaurant focused on salads, soups, sandwiches and bowls, has opened its seventh location, and it’s solely for picking up orders placed ahead online. Called Tractor Digital, its Grab & Go Kitchen is located within Park Place at 666 Burrard St. in downtown Vancouver.

Using an app, customers place their order ahead of time and pay for it online, selecting a desired pick-up time. At Tractor Digital, the kitchen prepares the food to order, and has it labelled and available for the customer to simply grab-and go.

The digital concept is aimed at cutting out the waiting in line factor, and also at having a cash-less storefront where the focus is on cooking and serving the food, rather than ringing people up. Ideal for anyone in a rush, the restaurant hopes this shortcut to getting good food fast will up Vancouverites’ chances to get seasonally-driven and locally-sourced fresh food in their bellies without lack of time getting in the way.

The new Tractor Digital also uses its 1,800-square-feet exclusively for cooking and pick-up — there is no seating.

Tractor joins an increasing number of Metro Vancouver restaurants focused on app-based ordering, though it differs from the legions of eateries (and “ghost” restaurants) whose business model is based on delivery in that they are all about pick-up.

“We believe that eating healthy should be an easy decision, so we’re making it even more accessible through leading-edge technology that will allow us to provide exceptional convenience and high-quality to Tractor customers. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this new concept to Vancouver diners,” said Steve Clarke, co-founder of Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods.

The new Tractor Digital launched June 10 and is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner.

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