This Metro Vancouver Japanese restaurant makes a sushi sandwich

Sushi Oyama on Kingsway. Photo: Chris Campbell

It’s a sandwich. It’s sushi. It’s delightful.

Trying to choose my favourite sushi place is nearly as hard as just trying to pick a single place to go for a dinner out.

There’s just so bloody many of them.

I’m always stunned when I see a new sushi place opening for business because there’s probably another one located in the next block.

People like their sushi. I like my sushi.

So how do you choose a place to go? Well, one of my main criteria is how inventive the menu is. So many sushi restaurant menus look the same and my eyes just glaze over as I try and get inspired.

“Oh, it’s not just a California roll – it’s a deluxe California roll. Well, in that case…”


I need some creativity. I also need food that tastes fresh.

I found all of that in one dish at one Burnaby restaurant – Sushi Oyama on Kingsway.

Located in an old stone mansion, Oyama has that one dish that I always come back for and that’s the point of this “Bite. Me.” Blog – celebrating my favourite bites.


Sushi Oyama in Burnaby has a lot of tasty single bites. Photo: Chris Campbell

It’s called the Green Sandwich and they serve four of these chilled beauties on one plate.

The Green Sandwich consists of shrimp, masago, avocado and mayo. Those ingredients are then layered and covered by green soybean paper and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

My friend thinks it’s too salty, but I love that. I also love how soft and creamy it is. It also works with a variety of sauces or on its own.

Oyama has some other great bites, including the “eye” nigiri delights – such as the dreamy bacon eye. I mean, wrapping sushi with bacon is just unfair.

Also pictured with this blog is a tender piece of calamari with a creamy concoction on top, as well as the inari mashed avo.

Oyama is the one place where I mainly order single bites because they have so many different ones to choose from.

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