Vancouver’s Telus cements plans for unlimited wireless data offerings

What happened: Telus makes permanent data plans that won’t charge overage fees

Why it matters: Canadian telecom giants are becoming increasingly competitive with data plans and pricing

The future is looking more certain for wireless customers looking to stream videos, play games or listen to music without worrying about data usage.

Vancouver-based Telus Corp. (TSX: T) announced Wednesday (July 3) it was making permanent mobile plans offering what the company calls “endless data.”

Plans start at $75 per month for 10 gigabytes of high-speed data.

After users exceed 10GB, Telus will ratchet down the speed considerably but no overage charges will hit a customer’s account.

The move comes after Rogers Communications Inc.(TSX: RCI.B) began offering its own unlimited plans last month.

Telus then followed by offering a similar promotional plan, but the latest development makes permanent that initial offer.

Telus also announced Wednesday it would begin offering device financing service allowing customers to buy smartphones for $0 upfront and pay off the balance over 24 months.