Coping with COVID-19: Blueprint

Blueprint operates Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver | submitted

Company: This Is Blueprint Management Ltd.

Employees: 500+

Challenge: Blueprint is best known for managing Vancouver concerts and clubs (Celebrities, Fortune Sound Club, Venue), as well as the annual FVDED in the Park festival. With B.C. ordering all bars and clubs shut down, the company has had to temporarily lay off nearly 600 workers (98% of its total workforce), cancel 60 concerts and three festivals over the past two months.

Response:  The company is now operating with a skeleton crew of about a dozen workers to maintain business operations amid the mass shutdowns and cancellations.

“It’s devastating,” said Nate Sabine, director of business development.

“What we’re seeing and hearing from the industry in general is everyone wants to do what’s right by public health and the long-term … and the pushback’s been negligible, I’m happy to say. That doesn’t stop the economic hurt of all these people. Myself, I’ve been in this industry since I was 18 and living on my own, and I’ve worked every job from dishwasher to prep cook to bus boy to bartender, and I can’t imagine being in this position [working] in one of those positions. It’s tough, man, but everyone’s banded together.”