ICBC offering remote licence renewals, payment deferrals

Temporary licences and payment deferrals will be granted for periods of up to 90 days

ICBC is offering remote licence renewals and payment deferrals to protect employees and abide by social-distancing rules | Darren Stone/Times Colonist

What happened: The Insurance Corp. of British Columbia (ICBC) is granting temporary driver's licence extensions and insurance payment deferrals for up to 90 days.

Why it matters: The measures will allow British Columbians to maintain self-isolation and social-distancing, will protect ICBC employees and could also ease immediate cash flow concerns.

Insurance Corp. of British Columbia (ICBC) customers can now defer their monthly auto insurance payments for up to 90 days with no penalty. The measure triples ICBC's previous one-time 30-day deferral policy, and is intended to support British Columbians facing financial hardship as the spread of COVID-19 shutters businesses and spurs layoffs.

The deferral will be available to ICBC customers are already on monthly Autoplan payments for up to 90 days.

B.C. drivers can also temporarily extend their licence by phone up to six weeks before it expires. Extensions will be granted for licence renewals, licence reinstatements and lost licence replacements.

Drivers will be mailed a 90-day temporary licence. ICBC says it will monitor the ongoing situation to see whether an additional extension is needed.

All driver knowledge tests for motorcycles and passenger vehicles have been suspended indefinitely, and ICBC is working on how to deliver remote knowledge tests. Commercial tests are continuing except when translation services are required.