A note to our readers and advertisers from BIV's publisher, March 24, 2020

To our readers and advertisers:

I hope you are safe and well during this unprecedented time as we deal with COVID-19. Our team is working from home to keep you abreast of news and to provide our sales and circulation services. It is no small matter of adjustment, but it's also no small matter of importance in keeping everyone healthy in this challenging time.

If you are a subscriber, we want to ensure you continue to receive our newspaper without disruption as more of our community works from home. If you have a personally addressed copy to your office, please email us at subscribe@biv.com immediately to switch delivery to your home address. You can also log in to your account and do so. (If you've already done so, there is no need to do so again.)

 Given the major disruption to our routines, we are also opening our digital edition cover-to-cover during the COVID-19 crisis. It will be available Mondays at biv.com. I want to remind you that we are producing a weekday newsletter on the latest business-related news on COVID-19. You can sign up for our newsletters at biv.com/newsletters. We are also creating a daily video podcast on COVID-19 at biv.com

 We have introduced a program in which our advertisers can donate free advertising to non-profit and charitable organizations. Contact your sales representative for details.

Please send me any comments or suggestions on how we can best serve you during this challenging time. I'm at klapointe@biv.com.


Kirk LaPointe,

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Business in Vancouver Media Group.