New virtual UBC Sauder courses teach BC business leaders how to build long-term resiliency

Change may indeed be life’s only constant. But what happens when change brings about total upheaval?

Resiliency is key.

“It’s really important right now to listen to customers and employees and be flexible in the face of extreme challenge,” says Bruce Wiesner, the associate dean of UBC Sauder Executive Education. “The long-term opportunity is for businesses to create more resilient leadership styles, culture and strategy.”

UBC Sauder’s executive education is structured to help leaders with honing their business skills, finding their voice, understanding their own dynamic and giving individuals the confidence and tools they need to thrive.

“This is a time of profound challenge for leaders,” Wiesner says. “The premise of executive education is that we all don’t graduate from university as perfect leaders. We need continuous development, coaching, and the ability to adapt to change.

UBC Sauder is adapting to bring business leaders the support they need — and in the way they need it. Responding to a surge in demand for non-face-to-face programming, it has found new ways to deliver very tangible bite-sized learning to leaders at all levels to allow them to continually improve and address challenges.

• All of its scheduled Executive Education programs are now being delivered entirely online in real- time.

• In June, it is introducing three new self-paced programs that business leaders can take when it suits their time demands.

• It is running a new — and free — weekly webinar series, led by UBC Sauder faculty and leading industry experts, featuring thought leadership on topics relevant to today's business leaders.

“We ourselves are living the challenge that our clients are living,” says Wiesner.

Here’s what clients will learn in the three new online programs, which incorporate the latest video- conferencing technologies:

• Content Marketing Strategy — Delivering Value, Inspiring Action: Articulate your organization’s vision and develop a cohesive content marketing strategy that inspires action and drives value for your brands. Learn more here.

• Demystifying Digital Analytics: In this non-technical, self-paced course, you will learn how data analytics can give you an accurate, real-time picture of your online and digital business initiatives. Learn more here.

• Coaching Program for Leadership Performance. This intensive, one-on-one coaching program will improve your leadership mindset and capabilities. Offered 100% online and on your schedule. Learn more here.

“Our clients get the benefit of learning from some of the world’s most influential thought leaders,” says Lynn O’Reilly, Director of Digital Learning at UBC Sauder Executive Education. “Our instructors are highly committed to helping individuals and organizations transform and make tangible business impacts.”

“We know online learning may be new for many clients, so we’re offering new tools to make the transition easier, including the addition of a ‘learning hub,’” O’Reilly says. “This is an interactive, social platform for clients to build their network, get support on their learning with real-time feedback and share insights about their courses with each other. It will also enable clients to access reading materials before the course begins.”

Recently UBC Sauder’s open enrolment and customized executive education programs have both been recognized among the top 25 in North America in the newly released Financial Times Global Executive Education Rankings for 2020.

“It’s exciting and validating to see the continued recognition of our professional development offerings,” O’Reilly says. “These are prestigious rankings given that the Financial Times Executive Education survey is largely informed by qualitative client and customer feedback.”

To find out how UBC Sauder Executive Education can help you future-proof your business and become more resilient, click here.