TransLink launches mask-wearing campaign for riders

The new look for a TransLink bus, to promote the wearing of facial coverings while riding transit during the pandemic | Submitted

TransLink has launched a campaign aimed at promoting the use of face coverings and non-medical masks on Metro Vancouver’s transit system.

As part of the ‘Wearing is Caring’ campaign, more than 15,000 TransLink branded masks will be handed out at key transit hubs over coming weeks, including in Richmond.

TransLink street teams will be positioned at random locations across the system and customers may find they’re especially easy to spot when accompanied by TransLink’s new mask-wearing bus.

The TransLinkNews Twitter account will share the location and times on the day of each giveaway.

“We want masks to become a regular part of our transit system,” said TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond.

“As part of our Safe Operating Action Plan we are recommending customers wear a face covering or mask while on transit or waiting for transit, if they are able to do so.

“If we can get to a point where most people on transit are wearing a face covering or mask, then it will be a safer experience for everyone.”

The campaign will also see system-wide posters and decals installed to promote the use of face coverings and non-surgical masks.

Social media giveaways will also be part of the campaign. Branded masks will be made available for purchase through the TransLink store later in the summer.

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