Remastered video captures what Vancouver looked like during WW2

What did Vancouver look like almost 80 years ago? Like this!

Lions Gate Bridge as it looked only a couple of years old | History in Color / YouTube

1942 saw Canadians in battle in Europe as the Second World War raged on, Japanese-Canadians being relocated to internment camps in one of the country's darker political moves, a team made up of members of the air force winning the Grey Cup and Phil Esposito’s birth.

There were also a couple of sunny days in Vancouver, which were captured in this video.

You may have seen the remastered 1907 video Vancouver Is Awesome shared last week; this time it's 1942 Vancouver that got the special treatment, with colourized footage that's been enhanced and stabilized. This time it's the YouTube channel History in Color that uploaded the clip.

This video shows a lot more of the city, notably famous sites like Lions Gate Bridge, the Hotel Vancouver and the Capilano Suspension Bridge. While they're all historic sites now, they were much newer then. At the time, the population of the City of Vancouver would have been around 300,000.

In the description of the video, the uploader notes much of the footage came from a video by Grey Line Tours.

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