How early-stage public companies can reach over 200,000,000 investors and financial professionals

Senergy Communications Capital uses the latest technology to help early-stage public companies stand out in today’s digital marketplace

The good news: It’s never been easier or more cost-effective for early-stage public companies to promote themselves to potential investors.

The bad news: With so many companies competing for attention, it can be a substantial challenge to stand out and reach the right audience — an audience that can make or break a company’s future.

That’s where Senergy Communications Capital comes in. 

Senergy is a new kind of investor-relations (IR) and financial-marketing firm. With decades of combined experience among its staff, Senergy specializes in employing the most technologically advanced communications solutions to help early-stage public companies achieve their financial goals.

Senergy has helped more than 100 companies on the TSX-V, CSE and OTC markets in sectors such as mining and resources, Web 3.0, clean energy, and pharmaceuticals and natural health.

Aleem Fidai — founder, director and CEO of Senergy — explains that in order to court attention from potential investors, early-stage public companies have historically relied on methods such as physically distributed press releases, print media and TV, attending trade shows and conferences, and travelling to other cities, countries or continents for face-to-face meetings. 

Today, digital technology allows companies to reach those same targets for a fraction of the cost. 

This is a massive win for young companies who, says Fidai, “don’t have a lot of capital to play around with. These companies are pre-revenue most of the time. In fact, many of our clients are mining companies, which means they may not see revenue for five years or more. They’re on a tight budget, and they want to maximize their investment and reach as many investors as they can.”

But, he stresses, “There’s such a high volume of information going out every single day, so it’s hard to achieve the same impact. And that’s where we can help.” 

The key to making the desired impact, explains Fidai, isn’t just making sure you promote your company through the correct channels. It’s the creativity with which you do so and how you position and brand your company. 

“That’s what Senergy does best,” he says. 

“Our in-house team is made up of content writers, graphic designers, web developers… We’ve essentially transitioned the sophisticated marketing strategies [of years past] into the digital realm and applied them to, for example, small-cap mining companies — which, for the most part, hasn’t really been done before.”

An additional advantage to Senergy’s methods is that it harnesses the influence and reach of social media to connect with investor demographics that more traditional marketing avenues bypass entirely. 

“The largest cohort of retail investors today is actually millennials,” Fidai explains, “and 86% of millennials use social media every single day.

“With the evolution of social media, and with Senergy being a young group, we’re communicating with investors and shareholders on every single platform, from TikTok and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn. This is a new approach to IR and communications as a whole.” 

Better still, Senergy is able to provide measurable results to its clients, allowing them to see at a glance how their marketing campaign is performing across all mediums.

“We put everything into an analytical dashboard, and we can see at the end of each month what’s working and what’s not,” says Fidai. 

“We can actually track in real-time the number of visitors coming to a page, how many are engaging, what our cost per lead is. On average, we’re picking up investor leads for under $10 each, as opposed to going to a trade show, buying meals, air time [on TV and radio], which comes to hundreds of dollars per lead. We can actually show clients real analytical data that backs up our strategy.”

Senergy’s future-facing approach is clearly proving effective. 

The young Vancouver firm has grown by leaps and bounds in less than two years, and is continuing to prove to its ever-growing client roster that it can help young companies reach their fundraising goals with greater efficiency and less expenditure than ever before. 

“It’s an incredible time for Senergy,” says Fidai. “We’re excited to help our clients realize their dreams on budget and on schedule.”

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