BIV Today Podcast
BIV Today Podcast

BIV on Roundhouse February 9: Making Vancouver a smarter city

February 9, 2018, 8:15am

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Uniserve CEO Nicholas Jeffery discusses the federal government’s new Smart Cities Challenge, and why Vancouver and Surrey should go in on a bid together. Jeffery, formerly the director of data centre solutions at CBRE, examines the difference between connected and cognitive cities, and why it’s not altogether negative that Canada lags the world when it comes to developing them.

On the heels of Softbank investing US$300 million into dog-walking platform Wag, Vancouver’s dog and dog walker matchmaking platform GoFetch has raised $3.4 million in funding. Co-founder and CEO Willson Cross discusses the company’s plans and market opportunities.

2018 is the year of radical creativity, according to researcher and futurist Nikolas Badminton. He joins the show to discuss the validity of ‘moonshot’ ideas, and how businesses can address real-world challenges with radical creativity.

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