BIV Today Podcast
BIV Today Podcast

BIV Today No. 51: Granville Street’s retail resurgence

July 11, 2018, 10:56am

On BIV Today...

Retail Insider’s Craig Patterson (2:07) has been examining the ongoing resurgence of the retail scene along Granville Street in downtown Vancouver. The stretch used to be sprinkled with questionable clubs, adult shops and and cheap retailers. But it has on the move to upscale in recent years, while bars and clubs have been rethinking how they operate. His latest feature story explains how the downtown entertainment district is managing this ongoing facelift.

And later, do businesses need to rethink how they address customers? Should customer service reps emphasize the word “I” instead of “we” when assisting? SFU marketing professor Brent McFerran (15:31) breaks down a recently published study examining how businesses should really be engaging with their clients.

Hayley Woodin and Tyler Orton host.