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BIV on Roundhouse November 29: Uber Canada on ride hailing in B.C.

November 29, 2017, 10:37am

On the latest show, Susie Heath and Michael van Hemmen from Uber Canada discuss ride hailing in British Columbia. 

From FortisBC, Douglas Stout – vice-president of market development and external relations – shares details of Canada’s first LNG shipment to China, and what that means for B.C.’s LNG industry. 

Dr. Eva Busza and Yushu Zhu break down a new national opinion poll from the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada that reveals how Canadian millennials view Asia. 

BIV’s weekly tech panel breaks down Cyber Monday, whether Amazon is building the “Apple store” of VR, and how challenges to net neutrality in the U.S. may hamper innovation.

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