BIV on Roundhouse Radio

BIV on Roundhouse October 17: Small business week — how are B.C. entrepreneurs faring?

October 17, 2017, 11:43am

As small business week kicks off across Canada, the BDC’s Paula Cruickshank discusses how entrepreneurs in B.C. stack up against the rest of the country.

Then, following economist Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize win, BIV reporter Patrick Blennerhassett offers a breakdown on behavioural economics.

Later, Erete co-founders Shreyans Jain and Anmol Gupta discuss how their new service is attempting to update the old-fashioned limo industry by making it easier for drivers and passengers to connect online.

And Resource Works executive director Stewart Muir is in Winnipeg for the Generation Energy national forum, where he’s providing an update on a dialogue trying to answer the question, “What is Canada’s energy future?”

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