Alan Zisman

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Dumping new hardware or software on employees without budgeting for training is a waste of money and a cause of employee resentment

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Lots of attention has been paid to the way that digital media have shaken up the music, film and publishing industries. Now, the growing use of e-book readers and multi-purpose tablets is bringing...

State of solid state wrings more from old equipment

Like many people, I’m increasingly using mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – for much of my high tech life. But there are times when those gadgets just won’t do for...

Microsoft’s Windows of opportunity into booming tablet market

Microsoft has been virtually shut out of the exploding market for touch-screen tablets

Startups make smartphones more useful for buyers and sellers

Vancouver startup TikTok aims to give local retailers the ability to offer customers what CEO Dorian Banks calls “virtual happy hours”

Local app helps companies manage workplace BYOD trend

With this single app installed on employees' personal devices, companies can securely push a suite of work-related apps, documents and more onto smartphones and tablets

New Google Nexus tablet proves more than a match for larger iPad

The seven-inch screen is easier to type on than phone screens

Mountain Lion makes your Mac a bit more like an iPad

[Apple’s new operating system] Mountain Lion is a relatively modest evolution of its predecessor, Lion. In my tests, it seems faster and more stable

New Android products pushing smartphone market envelope

U.S. and worldwide Android models account for more than 50% of smartphone sales