Albert Van Santvoort

Restaurants, bars bank on positive World Cup result

Vancouver approves more extended-hours licences than during 2014 Brazil World Cup

Data hasn’t borne out Canadian fears of investment losses caused by American tax cuts

Capital investment changes likely more swayed by oil than by Republican policies: analyst

B.C. law firms adding more lawyers to their rosters

But the average number at Metro Vancouver’s largest firms is still down from 2015 peak

Database: How much did ICBC pay your lawyers' law firm?

Search for your lawyers' law firm to see how much the firm has been paid by ICBC since 2009

Port Coquitlam company riding high in Asian theme parks

From the mountains to the coastline, Metro Vancouver is known for its many attractions. However, large theme parks are not among them. But despite the absence of a major amusement park on Canada’s...

B.C.'s minimum wage increases 11.5%, Ontario data shows what's in store

British Columbia has started its march towards a $15.20 minimum wage effective by this time 2021. As of today (June 1), British Columbia’s minimum wage rises by $1.30, or 11.5%, to $12.65 from $11.35...

Updated: What is the downside of improving housing supply conditions?

The efforts of various governments to control the rise in housing prices by reducing demand through tax policy has been of little avail. In his report on Metro Vancouver housing titled Growing...

Applying Silicon Valley lessons to Elk Valley

An oft-retold story about the history of Silicon Valley claims that Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) founder Steve Jobs swiped the ideas he saw at Xerox (NYSE:XRX), including the concepts of the mouse and...

Chinese internet giant Tencent aims to boost Vancouver tourism

Vancouver’s tourism industry association, Tourism Vancouver, is partnering with the Chinese internet giant Tencent with the aim of attracting more Chinese tourists to the city. China is the fastest...

Membership up in B.C.’s top professional organizations

The province’s largest professional organizations have been steadily increasing their membership over the past three years.  According to Business in Vancouver’s Biggest Professional Organizations...