Albert Van Santvoort

Average top-100 revenue surpasses $1b for first time

More companies ascended than descended BIV’s list of B.C.’s top public companies

B.C. law firms rebound from mid-decade low

After four years of slow growth, the 20 largest firms have finally surpassed 2015 levels

Beedie bumps Bentall Kennedy off its top spot

Portfolios of top commercial property managers growing in B.C.

Professional services key to money laundering machinery

Lawyers charged in 15% of dirty money cases, Fintrac report finds

Golf courses hit revenue fairways and rough patches

British Columbia’s biggest public golf courses rebound from 2017 low

Tariff relief not enough to slow growing global trade tensions

While this stage of the North American trade war has been settled we might have won the battle but not the global trade war.  U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs on Canadian imports  are expected to be...

"Hallelujah" responds B.C. manufacture to tariff elimination

After nearly a year long trade war with our neighbours to the south, the white flags have been raised on both sides the boarder and a cease fire has been struck. The tariffs imposed by the U.S last...

Smaller tech companies grow and giants slim down

Approximately two-thirds climbed up the list while just over a quarter fell lower

B.C. business resigned to union-friendly labour code changes

Greens an unlikely saviour for business, but could it cost them electorally?