Albert Van Santvoort

Canadarm maker MDA coming home to Canada for the holidays

Debt problems at Maxar Technologies resulted in the company being sold to Canadians for $1 billion but won't move back to Richmond

Cannabis fails to deliver anticipated real estate buzz

Sector’s influence on the market is expected to be slow and steady

Mining sector grappling with 21st-century challenges

In the five years since the Mount Polly mine disaster, B.C.’s mining industry has focused on tailings pond management and obtaining social licence for resource extraction projects.  Its other...

Top B.C. mining stocks grow an average of 87% in 2019

B.C.’s top performers increased almost three times as much as they did last year

Could a downshift in auto sales signal a recession?

Car sales in British Columbia have dropped 3.2% since June 2018

Boxing Day still retail king over Black Friday in B.C.

An American contender, Black Friday, is challenging Boxing Day for its crown as Canada’s most popular shopping day. According to a report from the Retail Council of Canada, 43% of Canadians intend to...

Revenue growth slows at the province’s top casinos

Slot machines are the primary revenue generators at most of B.C.’s gambling houses

Gambling industry wagers on single-event sports betting

Canada loses $14 billion annually to illegal bookies and offshore sites, sector estimates

B.C.’s top commercial real estate brokerages contract

On average, top commercial real estate brokerages experienced a 2.9% decline in agents

Earnings up for B.C.’s most profitable companies

Province’s mining, retail and wholesale sectors drive largest portion of growth in profit