Albert Van Santvoort

Digital, media agencies struggling through pandemic

Average employment at top companies in B.C. has fallen since peaking in 2020

Mixed results for security companies during pandemic

Average number of security staff increased over past year while median fell at top firms

Trades worker shortage worsens through pandemic

An estimated 64,000 additional tradespeople will be needed in B.C. over the next 10 years

Assets up after major declines at top money sources

B.C. credit unions, investment funds, banks have posted growth since pandemic started

Higher wages add up to more than higher inflation

Payroll pressures could turn short-term inflation into a long-term economic complication

Revenue up for B.C.’s biggest technology companies

Average revenue increase for the province’s top 20 was 6.7%, despite pandemic economics

Pandemic forces local charities to innovate to survive

Surrey Hospital Foundation turns to online auction as an alternative source of revenue

Province’s top mining stocks hit speed bump in 2021

Average growth in stock value on BIV’s list was 64% compared with 228% last year

First Nations business growth stunted by pandemic

Two per cent of Indigenous businesses closed permanently because of COVID-19

Flood damage could cost upwards of $2 billion

Rising frequency of natural disasters puts pressure on insurance companies, policyholders