Brent Richter

North Vancouver grain silo an explosion risk, union warns

The union is pushing for changes that would prevent another tragedy

Seaspan launches world's first electric tugboat

It produces about 7,000 horsepower without a whiff of carbon emissions

Metro Vancouver film workers reeling through Hollywood strikes

Normally the North Shore is bustling with film workers, but there isn’t much 'lights, camera, action' these days

North Van approves B.C.'s largest hydrogen plant

At issue for council was whether such a facility would be safe

Seaspan to add $5M building to North Vancouver shipyard

It’s the latest in a long line of investments the company has made since being awarded contracts under the national shipbuilding strategy

B.C. spends $4M to swap diesel for hydrogen in Metro Vancouver port trucking

The cash will largely go toward a first fleet of trucks at Delta Port

Lawsuit against North Van developer comes down to the definition of 'must'

Does ‘must’ mean ‘must?’” That was the question posed by Justice David Crerar at the outset of a ruling released last week

Crews knock down small fire at North Vancouver waterfront terminal

The smoke made it look worse than it was, says district’s assistant fire chief

Proposed North Vancouver hydrogen plant goes to public hearing

If approved by council, the hydrogen plant could have the greenhouse gas impact of taking 30,000 gasoline-burning vehicles off the road

Province and feds agree to plant 37M new trees in B.C.

It's the carbon equivalent of removing about 470,000 gas-burning cars off the road for one year