Carol Eugene Park

Half of British Columbians in favour of a pet-friendly workplace

Most survey respondents agreed that having pets in the workplace improves their mood and stress levels.

B.C. telehealth visits absolutely ballooned at height of pandemic

While telehealth can be convenient, a B.C. doctor says investing in primary care is strongly needed

'World-precedent measure': Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds single cigarette warnings

Annual exposures to warning messages are expected to increase from 7,300 to 58,000. "It's going to be a daily reminder," says a spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Nearly half of Canadians think gun laws aren't strict enough, says new poll

About 17 per cent of surveyed Canadians say firearm laws are too strict.

Canadian professionals are more burnt out than last year, report finds

Schedule flexibility has created a sense that people need to be available at all times, making it harder to disconnect from work.

More Canadians want accessible and aesthetic buildings in their communities

A new poll shows only 47 per cent of Canadians admire the architecture where they live

A look at COVID-19's social and economic impacts on Canadians, two years later

The pandemic has altered the world we once knew, and its impact will be felt for years

B.C. human rights complaint dismissed against Loblaws for mask policy

The complaint against the supermarket chain was dismissed due to a lack of evidence

Gyms and fitness facilities across B.C. wait to see if they'll reopen Jan. 18

30 Minute Hit in Langley claims they are exempt from the COVID restriction mandate