Carson Binda

British Columbia director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation

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Trying to tax away a global problem isn't working

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Every British Columbian now owes $48,560 towards government debt

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British Columbians deserve new options for their health care, writes Carson Binda

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The perks for our politicians need to be cut, writes the B.C. director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation

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Many taxes make British Columbia unnecessarily unaffordable and uncompetitive

Opinion: B.C. budget a masterclass in mismanagement

A good magician can make a person vanish. Premier David Eby made a $3.6-billion surplus vanish. Despite ending the 2022 budget year with a $3.6-billion forecasted surplus, Eby’s first budget as...

World Cup costs leave taxpayers scratching their heads

Taxpayers will be on the hook for about half a million dollars for every minute of game time in the World Cup games in Vancouver. The province and city are making some big claims about the benefits...

Carbon tax gets jacked up again this year

British Columbians will soon be paying more to heat their homes, drive to work and buy groceries.  Premier David Eby is hiking the carbon tax paid by B.C. residents up to $65 per tonne on April 1....

Carson Binda: Eby blowing surplus on wasteful spending instead of paying down debt

Think of provincial finances like your family budget. Right now, Premier David Eby has a big debt to settle. However, instead of paying down the balance, Eby is showing all the fiscal restraint of a...