Chuck Chiang

Trilingual multimedia journalist for print/online/radio/video. Specializes in Asia-Pacific relations with Western Canada.

Canucks Sports & Entertainment announces significant layoffs

Canucks Sports & Entertainment has reportedly laid off up to a quarter of its business operations staff on Wednesday, media reports say. Tweets by TSN reporter Farhan Lalji said Canucks Sports...

Meng Wanzhou seeks more access to federal agencies' info in extradition fight

The legal team of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. executive Meng Wanzhou is seeking more access to reports from federal bodies such as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, saying the lack of...

Meng's defence: Trump's comments have 'poisoned' extradition hearings' integrity

The defence in the extradition case of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. CFO Meng Wanzhou has filed documents this week outlining the Chinese tech executive’s abuse-of-process defence, alleging the...

Trade alliance could ease Canada’s China dependence

The country’s trade future may align with its geopolitical lines on the global stage, observers say

Convention, sports venues tread water with smaller events

Keeping lights on during pandemic restrictions is vital to maintaining business momentum

Fans cheer resumption of live professional sports

Sports-starved public, media prepare for an incoming onslaught of live games

Summer sports wave: boom or bust?

Beleaguered Metro bars and restaurants are banking on a business bump from the resumption of pro sports league competition

Climate action at the city level

B.C. municipalities are doing many things right – but experts say more is needed

B.C. restaurants post-COVID: Strong in the Okanagans, hurting in Vancouver urban core

B.C.'s restaurant sector has largely survived the COVID-induced lockdown initiated in March, but the economic picture is vastly different between popular domestic tourism hotspots like the Okanagans...