Chuck Chiang

Trilingual multimedia journalist for print/online/radio/video. Specializes in Asia-Pacific relations with Western Canada.

The seeds of international leadership turmoil were sown in 2016

Populism, emotion-based voting creating new challenges for today’s leaders

Higher stakes for Canada in a China-Taiwan conflict

Ottawa should note lessons from Russia-Ukraine and plan for deterrence, analysts say

Court upholds port trucking company fine

Supreme Court decision sides with trucking commissioner in fining firm for underpaying drivers

Upgrading road and rail links a complex cargo puzzle

A year after floods, infrastructure upgrades are underway, but concerns remain

BC Lions' home playoff game - first in years - symbolic of turnaround season

When I reached Duane Vienneau on Tuesday morning to talk about the BC Lions, the club’s new COO’s excitement was practically bursting from his voice. However, despite all the excitement, Vienneau...

Vancouver to host 2024 Grey Cup

Vancouver will host the 111th Grey Cup in 2024, the Canadian Football League club announced this morning – a culmination of a successful resurgence in the first full year under new owner Amar...

Funding election promises a complicated undertaking

Municipal finance threatens to limit quick action from region’s new mayors, experts say

Red tape remains major concern for Surrey businesses, poll finds

Red tape continues to plague Surrey businesses as a major concern – with more than three-quarters of respondents of a recent poll saying their costs linked with compliance have risen in the last two...

B.C.’s Indigenous art missing global opportunities

More market access could unlock international prospects for First Nations artists

Beijing's 20th National Congress underscores hardening of China’s position

Analysts expect to see ideological, economic challenges intensify in Asia-Pacific region