Cornelia Naylor

$70K kickback on client investment ends Burnaby immigration consultant's career

Kwang Woo Richard Park encouraged a Chinese client to make an investment to help his bid for permanent residency in Canada, but he didn't tell the client he would be getting a commission for the deal

Burnaby school board sues architect over $108M high school project

The school board alleges KMBR Architects Planners Inc. and Fast + Epp Structural Engineers Inc. are responsible for delays and extra costs at the Burnaby North Secondary School replacement project

Burnaby condo owners ordered to pay developer back $1.3 million

Court ruled that 202 owners are on the hook for shared building costs that had been unpaid since the Burnaby tower opened five years ago

Burnaby man who lost $700k for investors accused of unregistered trading

A Burnaby man who allegedly made nearly $40,000 in commissions but eventually lost nearly all of his investors’ money is being accused of trading and advising in securities without being registered...

Scanners could accelerate COVID-19 diagnoses

50 Burnaby-made scanners to be deployed in “rural” B.C.

Sales of Burnaby-made medical device surge amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Clarius pocket ultrasound scanner is being used to scan lungs for pneumonia.

Land-assembly investor sued over $40m Burnaby flip gets reprieve from judge

Judge who previously ordered businessman to pay $1.15m refuses to also make him pay special costs, as his conduct was ‘insufficiently reprehensible’

Burnaby auto shop, homes part of $7.5-million civil forfeiture suit

The province alleges ties to drug trafficking and money laundering

Telus, Polygon sue each other over collapsed $175m Burnaby land deal

Telecom giant and major Vancouver developer file dueling lawsuits, blaming each other for Polygon backing out of deal

Board upholds firing of Burnaby fraud investigator for media leaks

Sylvie Therrien said she was fired for blowing the whistle on government wrongdoing