Cybele Negris

New program facilitates one-stop access to innovation resources

There are many resources such as funding programs, expert advice, mentorship programs and more that can help small businesses accelerate.

With dark clouds on horizon, don’t put all tech eggs in one basket

While cloud services are convenient, accessible from virtually anywhere and available most of the time, outages can hit even with the largest and best service provider

Tabulating some of 2013’s top tech buzzwords

SoLoMo has become a popular term recognizing the importance of using social media, local search and mobile devices together for a company’s customer reach

How to protect your business from fake trademark infringement and “domain slamming” scams

What the fine print actually says is that by paying the fee, you have authorized the transfer of your domain away from your current registrar

Security best practices for your mobile devices

You are responsible for any charges (calls or data) made on your phone until you get the provider to disconnect it

Online tools and resources to help owners of small businesses know what they don't know

If your business would benefit from a mobile business licence, speak to your local municipality and ask it to investigate

Five social media tools that can save you and your business time

I hear from small businesses all the time that they don't have time to engage on social media. Many executives of large companies don't participate at all, leaving social interactions to junior staff...

Brand and trademark protection has become increasingly complex in today's digital world

It used to be simpler to protect your business name and brand names: think of a business name and register it with the corporate registry; think of a brand name and register a trademark.

Business technology travel checklist to keep you connected on the road

Expensify [allows] you to record receipts with a camera phone and later export to an expense report

Sorting out the technology behind secure websites

Your business will need SSL if you accept orders and credit card details online, collect sensitive data from visitors and customers