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Office sector overall should ride out the crisis: brokers

But co-working space providers are facing a “double-edged sword”

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Province’s hotel industry cratered by virus

B.C. sector was posting Canada’s highest revenue growth

B.C.’s new rental support measures leave landlords in lurch

“This is wide open to potential abuse,” says landlord group, as tenant advocate publicly wonders if it makes sense to pay rent

First multi-floor industrial strata building launches in Richmond

Tight vacancy rate and soaring land prices has developer adding height to meet demand

B.C.'s biggest money machine

Real estate is the largest single contributor to B.C.’s GDP, and a tool for transformative change in the provincial economy

B.C. construction should brace for shutdown: industry experts

Stoppage called ‘inevitable’ despite provincial assurances

Emergency BOC rate cut will add fuel to housing sales

Some home owners will be paying mortgage rates as low as 1.95%; mortgage stress test nearly nullified

More Metro Vancouver retail space is going dark

New data shows 73,000 square feet shoved back on market or changed to other uses

Mixed use becoming crucial for big retail builds

Residential mixing with office, industrial as developers hedge bets, widen margins