Gavin Dew

Gavin Dew: A plan to grow innovation we can eat in Abbotsford

As climate change threatens our food security, we need to unlock investment and leverage our strengths to tackle challenges head on

Gavin Dew: We need a Minister for Getting Stuff Done

Obstacles and irritants need to be swept away

Gavin Dew: Let’s make B.C. better for people and families

I’m running to lead the BC Liberal Party because I believe in a better B.C. for people and families.  As B.C. approaches a crossroads of post-pandemic recovery, BC Liberals are at a crossroads...

BC Liberals need 21st century leadership to rebuild

After a bruising election defeat, a deflated BC Liberal Party faces an existential crisis of renewal and modernization.  Regaining traction will require 21st century leadership capable of managing...

COVID is changing the nature of work

The economy we are reopening after COVID-19 is vastly different from the one we shut down to stop the spread.  Physical distancing has been a months-long natural experiment for business. It has been...