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B.C. funds giant bio-diesel project at Burnaby refinery

Two-plant refinery could generate 720 million litres of low-carbon gasoline and diesel fuel each year by 2026

Extradited man gets $100K bail on Vancouver investment fraud, theft charges

The U.K. man, who faces a total of 26 charges related to alleged events between 2010 and 2013, must abide by a 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew.

Vancouver strata 'banging noises,' loud dog toys complaint dismissed

B.C.'s Civil Resolution Tribunal has dismissed noise complaints about an upstairs neighbour's banging, thumping and dog toy noise.

Canada's hiring prospects among highest in the world, says new survey

The positive hiring prospects come as inflation hit 6.8% this week.

In B.C., the government will now pay for 75% of an EV charging station

Installing an EV in your home, apartment or city just got a little cheaper in B.C. after the federal government chipped in to the province's rebate program.

B.C. civil liberties watchdog seeks online police surveillance guidance from court

The Supreme Court of Canada is being asked to outline how far police can go in watching people's online behaviour.

B.C. man who swallowed mouthwash 'moments' before failed roadside test fights prohibition

A man claiming he was improperly given a roadside driving prohibition because he had consumed mouthwash moments earlier has had his case returned to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles for a review.

ICBC tribunal case could go to Supreme Court of Canada

The Trial Lawyers Association of BC says a recent court decision upholding the NDP government policy moving some ICBC cases to the Civil Resolution Tribunal might be appealed to the Supreme Court of...

Decision on future of B.C. salmon farms to come within 'weeks,' says DFO

B.C. politicians were targeted in sea lice office 'outbreak' as the federal government says its within weeks of making a decision on the province's salmon farm industry — a move meant to protect wild...

Nearly half of Canadians think gun laws aren't strict enough, says new poll

About 17 per cent of surveyed Canadians say firearm laws are too strict.