Graeme Wood

'This is big business': How a cashless society is fuelling higher tips and profits

Only 10 per cent of all transactions in Canada are now made in cash.

Tipping the scales: How much British Columbians dish out on tips, taxes and fees

British Columbians may be dishing out as much as $144 million this year for tips on taxes.

Peak pandemic spending led to 'tip inflation' for B.C.'s service industry

"We are just in love with tipping in Canada and the U.S. It's a Western thing," says the president and CEO of the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association.

'The greed here is interesting': Duped B.C. renter owed $24,000 from landlord

After a B.C. renter wins a monetary order at the Residential Tenancy Branch, it's up to them to be a "collections agent," says a tenancy lawyer. "I think that deters a lot of people."

B.C. businessman David Sidoo has SEC fraud proceedings stayed

David Sidoo and seven other men face allegations of orchestrating a complex, international stock manipulation scheme that generated at least $145 million in illicit profits

What are unexplained wealth orders and why is B.C. adopting them?

Unexplained wealth orders will allow government to ask people to show proof of source of funds when connections to criminal activity can be shown.

Money laundering ring tied to Vancouver real estate alleged by police group

The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team and RCMP have arrested four Vancouver residents alleged to have formed a money laundering ring for organized crime groups

'Trust has to be earned': David Eby sworn in as B.C.'s 37th premier

During his oath-of-office ceremony, the new premier talked a lot about his domestic agenda. He touched on the opioid crisis, housing and health care.

$100 BC Hydro and FortisBC credits announced for all B.C. households

Plus, the B.C. government is issuing a new tax credit on a sliding scale to households earning less than $150,051.

Bridgemark Group illegal insider trading hearings adjourned to September 2023

B.C. Securities Commission did not oppose delaying a hearing for illegal insider trading for Bridgemark Group respondents by 11 months.