Graeme Wood

Vancouver businessman issued 14-year ban from securities market

Vancouver and West Vancouver businessmen temporarily prohibited from work in the securities and derivatives markets after making misrepresentations linked to Bridgemark consulting case

TransLink reports speedy return of riders in 2023, warns of overcrowding

Elected officials are seeking permanent federal subsidies for TransLink as ridership appears on an accelerated post-pandemic rebound, particularly south of the Fraser River

B.C. lawyer loses misconduct appeal after shady real estate deals

The law society found the Richmond lawyer's clients were conducting transactions that were under 'objectively suspicious circumstances'

B.C. teachers reporting more stress as staff shortages take toll on education

More teachers in B.C. are reporting higher stress levels and this may exacerbate an existing teacher shortage should they look to exit the profession, the BC Teachers' Federation reports

Are Canadian politicians conflicted on affordable housing?

Housing advocate Rohana Rezel says a 'nice loophole' exists in federal conflict of interest laws to allow members of Parliament to own rental properties while still setting housing policies

B.C. securities lawyer assisted illegal insider trading, court confirms

Court of Appeal for B.C. Justice Bruce Butler dismissed the appeal of Vancouver securities lawyer Samuel Cole, concluding he did assist a client to perform illegal insider trading

Metro Vancouver affordable housing stock 'ramps up,' shifts to apartment units

Metro Vancouver is planning to build 2,000 new and redeveloped affordable housing units over the next 10 years after decades of stalled growth in its housing program

B.C. mayors seek federal funds for TransLink to match immigration

Mayors' Council heading to Ottawa next week to lobby the feds for transportation funding

'Safest path forward': Province recommends Surrey continue with municipal force transition

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has recommended the Surrey Police Service transition continue. The city can forego the recommendations and continue with RCMP if they wish

UBC seeks patent on blood thinner with 'enormous potential'

A new medical advancement in blood thinning treatment for heart attacks and strokes is in the works at UBC, following promising results in mice