Grant Lawrence

Vancouver After Dark colourfully documents a century of our city’s nightlife

When you sink into the stories vividly portrayed in the new book Vancouver After Dark: the Wild History of a City’s Nightlife, it’s hard to imagine this town ever took on the moniker of “No Fun...

Bavarians at the gate: Strike up the oom-pah band for a trip to Leavenworth

Surreal Washington State tourist town leaves East Vancouver traveller scratching his Nutcracker

Robson Street’s last independent shops say goodbye

13-storey downtown Vancouver office tower slated for 600 block of Robson

Drop the needle, vinyl record pressing returns to Vancouver

Clampdown Record Pressing Inc. set to begin production this spring

Vancouverites enter a different world with return of Folk Festival

When you saunter through the East Gate of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, just past the money-soaked Royal Vancouver Yacht Club on Kitsilano’s “Golden Mile,” you quickly get a sense that you’re...