Ivan Surjanovic

How to really connect with customers through social media

According to recent Pew Research Center Internet Project research, 73% of online adults (18 and over) now use...

Five tips for developing a professional online identity

Q: I have a good customer base. Why do I need to worry about my professional online identity?A: You want to make sure you engage with your current customer base online, and you also want to be...

Five tips for creating effective Google ads for your business

Repeat in your ad heading the exact phrase that your prospective customers are likely to use. Don't make people think too much. Be direct, specific and targeted

Business lessons from the new learning boom: top 10 tips for creating an effective e-learning program

E-learning, with 23% annual growth, is education’s fastest-growing segment

Marketing to increase sales: The seven habits of successful Internet marketers

The future of e-commerce looks bright. According to Forrester Research, online retail sales in the U.S. are forecast to reach $327 billion by 2016. Overall market share is expected to increase to 9%...

Top tech tips for launching a successful crowdfunding campaign

Instead of hiring a marketing research firm to help figure out what type of product your prospective customers want, you can test your product ideas via a crowdfunding campaign

Cultivating good email netiquette is key to building your business brand

Just because you don’t see someone online does not mean that he or she should be treated with less respect

Software convergence is stimulating a hardware renaissance

We're now in an age where we have digital applications integrated with hardware sensors in all kinds of products

How to leverage the creativity and energy of students for your company's next project

Reach out to the school of your choice, and you will find lots of opportunities to inject creativity into your organization and give students valuable real-life experience