Ivan Surjanovic

The three biggest Internet marketing secrets: Testing, testing and testing

Q: What are the biggest secrets for successful Internet marketing?A: The answer probably has to do with a personal experience. Some believe that it is all about content. They say that "content is...

A selection of design tools that can make your website shine

There are all kinds of excellent free design resources on the web

Small business report: Accelerators help companies jump-start their dreams

You want to start a new business or social enterprise, how do you launch your dream? Should you apply for a commerce degree or perhaps an MBA to learn the tricks of the trade? Should you forego...

Winning customer loyalty in the new Age of Wow

According to Gallup research, shoppers who were emotionally connected to a supermarket spent 46% more over a one-month period than shoppers who were satisfied but lacked an emotional bond with the...

Tips on how to hire the best designer or developer for a web or mobile project

The only thing more expensive than hiring a top-notch developer is hiring a cheap one

Best ways for business to harness the accelerated word-of-mouth momentum of viral marketing

We had many viral marketing type programs before the age of Internet, such as Tupperware or Amway, where customers created growth by selling products to their friends

How to develop your company's online community

If you build it, they won't necessarily come, unless you're prepared to do the hard work of nurturing your community

How to build your company's social media strategy

Q: There has been a lot of talk about social media marketing lately. Is it just a big hype? Do I really need a social media strategy?A: The answer depends on your business model. If your target group...

Ten tips on how to run a successful email marketing campaign

While social media is a great branding tool to help us create desired image and interest, an email is still the ultimate sales tool to help you sell your products

How to select the best WordPress plugins for your business

According to Pingdom, almost half of the top 100 websites are using WordPress