Jen St. Denis

Companies grapple with inclusive workplace challenges

Hiring workers with developmental disabilities provides a two-way learning experience

Rolling on the floor laughing at B.C. government's foreign ownership report (blog)

This week, the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union continued to resonate in financial markets. While here in Vancouver we were, as always, fixated on real estate. Earlier this week,...

New rental towers free to use controversial fixed-term lease agreements

Fixed-term agreements allow landlords to raise rents above provincial cap, evict tenants more easily

Wanted: More female funders – and founders

Raising money for a startup is difficult. It’s even more challenging if you’re a woman.

Corporate Canada not deterred by Trump name, says general manager of Vancouver’s newest luxury hotel

Local politicians have called it “a beacon of racism” and urged the developer to remove the Trump name — but so far the controversy hasn’t deterred Canadian corporations

Vancouver's animation boom sparks talent search

Now one of the world's largest visual effects hubs, Vancouver hungry for more animators

Ten years of the "million dollar line" illustrates rapid increase in Vancouver home values

A decade ago, it neatly dilineated Vancouver’s tony Westside from funky East Vancouver. Today the million dollar line, a concept mapped by Vancouver urban planner Andy Yan, has been completely...

Trudeau to hear from academic experts on causes of Vancouver’s overheated real estate market

Several of the attendees have advocated for policies to counter the effect of capital inflows from China

New government housing policy should focus on foreign investment, speculation: BMO

Warnings of dangerous overheating in Vancouver and Toronto’s real estate markets are mounting, but home prices in those two cities are unlikely to decelerate on their own anytime soon, according to a...