Jeremy Hainsworth

Digital election tools threaten democracy, UBCM told

Data manipulation, artificial intelligence put democracy at risk: councillor

Delegates talk taxes at UBCM annual conference

Property taxes, PPE and tax breaks for isolated residents were on the table

Is your bus stop watching you again?

Company pledges again to cover uncovered Vancouver cameras, city checking

Preserve public insurance: UBCM

ICBC creates jobs, investments in municipalities: resolution

B.C. death rate jumped 100% in heat wave: BCCDC

“A very stark reminder that climate change is real:” Dr. Bonnie Henry

Protect rural ambulance services, Victoria told

Emergency services pulled out of smaller community, UBCM delegates hear

Liberal leader stresses cooperation in facing multiple crises

COVID, fires, opioid crisis, death wave solutions mean working together: Bond

Prolific, repeat criminal needs stronger penalties: UBCM

Ottawa and Victoria asked to consider criminal justice changes

Increase crime lab capacity, governments told

Evidence backlogs delaying charge-laying, hindering courts

Victoria told to improve emergency communication

Pandemic information lacking, UBCM resolution says