Jeremy Hainsworth

B.C.'s legal system gets funding boost

The NDP has earmarked $8.19 million to assist in access to justice throughout B.C., funds that will be split between legal aid, assisting youth and families, training young lawyers and ensuring...

Embezzlement guilty plea expected from former Abbotsford police finance officer

In 2017, the former Abbotsford Police Department employee was ordered to pay back more than $300,000 to the city, according to police.

Be concerned about your data being stored outside of Canada, warns privacy chief

B.C.'s privacy commissioner continues to sound alarm bells about the digital storage and sharing of British Columbians' personal digital data outside of Canada

Thinking of installing an AC unit? A heat pump is better, says BC Hydro

After 2021's scorching summer heat, BC Hydro recommends moving away from power-sucking AC units

B.C. residents shouldn't fear cyberattack talk hitting home, expert says

With cyberattacks targeting Ukraine, an expert in B.C. says having a good level of personal cybersecurity is not paranoia but "just good practice"

Court approves $2m payout in TikTok data collection lawsuit

The settlement comes after two lawsuits claimed the popular social media app illegally collected and commercialized personal data from its Canadian users

Court denies B.C. mink farmers injunction on provincial industry ban

B.C.'s mink farmers were denied an interim injunction against provincial rules banning their industry.

Redacted documents show Ottawa lobbied U.S., Chinese officials to release the 'Two Michaels'

Throughout Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor's three years of detention, Canadian officials said they didn't want to politicize their cases. But according to FOI documents, Ottawa lobbied U.S.,...

Pandemic and climate change emergencies stressing out British Columbians

17% of B.C. survey respondents felt they needed help with their mental health during the pandemic but didn't receive it