Karen Briere, The Western Producer

Delay U.K. entry to trade deal, say meat producers

'They can see our frustration. As far as I’m concerned, they see that our system is good.'

Agriculture emissions report shows increases continue

Greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizer production and use, along with on-farm diesel fuel, contribute to the increase

Farmers call fuzzy sustainability definition a barrier to emissions progress

A survey finds producers prefer outcome-based incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as tax credits and non-financial incentives such as improved extension services

Carbon pricing exemption bill not likely to pass until fall

The chances of Bill C-234 making it through the Senate before the summer recess are slim.

U.S. bees should be able to come north, say Americans

Bees from the U.S. present a much lower risk than those from other countries where standards aren’t as high, says president of American Beekeeping Federation

Credit agency monitors grain shipments as wildfires burn in Western Canada

DBRS Morningstar says fires unlikely to affect rail performance to the extent that the largest grain handlers’ operations would be affected