Ken Peacock

Opinion: The difference between B.C. and Canada’s job markets is jarring

Higher rates are hammering consumer spending, which in turn slows hiring, write two economists

Opinion: The economic costs of CleanBC need to be communicated

The column's authors understand the desire to follow a long-term decarbonization path but question the merits of the timeline

B.C.’s economic outlook is dismal as public sector debt skyrockets

The reality behind B.C.'s "resilient" economy is considerably less reassuring than what government claims, the authors write

BCBC: CleanBC will push B.C.’s economy into recession-like conditions

If B.C. follows the CleanBC roadmap, the province’s economy will be a staggering $28 billion smaller in 2030, write BCBC authors

BCBC: CleanBC will dramatically dampen B.C.’s economic growth

Rather than growing by 20 per cent, B.C.’s economy will expand by less than 10 per cent between 2020 and 2030 under CleanBC, write BCBC authors

Imbalance between new homes and new residents escalating unaffordability in B.C.

Growing wedge between the number of new homes being built in B.C. and population growth fuelled by surging in-migration is playing a starring role in the larger housing market story, according to...

BCBC: Private-sector job creation has flatlined. We need to revive it

In B.C., private-sector job growth has declined further and faster than elsewhere in the country, write BCBC authors

BCBC: Victoria, WorkSafeBC need to better consider employer needs

A "worker centric" approach at WorkSafeBC shouldn't ignore employers, write Jock Finlayson and Ken Peacock

BCBC: Ottawa is still behind on spurring capital investment and productivity growth

As a result, the typical Canadian employee has fewer and less up-to-date “tools” and Canada continues to underperform peers on productivity

Provincial economic prosperity requires continued export success

Policies for provincial growth cannot ignore B.C.'s valuable export sector