Kirk LaPointe

Kirk LaPointe: Trudeau’s accusations against India show poor leadership

Justin Trudeau has created an international incident by publicly accusing India of the murder of a Canadian citizen

Kirk LaPointe: Elon Musk’s Canadian connections, as detailed in new biography

Walter Isaacson book offers insight into the controversial tech titan

Kirk LaPointe: We have fallen into an era of ennui – about COVID, and work

Last year we were dealing with quiet quitting; this is the autumn of quiet denial, writes Kirk LaPointe

Kirk LaPointe: Vancouver’s urban planning might need the touch of an urban ‘economist’

Urban planner Alain Bertaud, set for speaking engagements in the city this week, argues local pushback against density will be harmful in the long run

Kirk LaPointe: We need AI training before AI’s training wheels come off

Though we are in "play mode" with AI-powered chat bots, one expert says she is concerned Canadians are not sufficiently informing themselves on the technology, writes Kirk LaPointe

B.C. business leaders remember Phil Lind as the common-sense pillar of Rogers empire

Media executive who passed recently helped navigate the communications giant through advances in cable, Internet and sports broadcasting

Kirk LaPointe: The BC NDP’s ‘Slow Ferries’ problem requires a solution, fast

Like all of our larger problems, writes Kirk LaPointe, systemic ferry follies are neither quickly created nor imminently solvable

Kirk LaPointe: Our Facebook posts are gone, but we’re still here and need support

Years of posts on BIV's Facebook page disappeared last week due to the dispute between the federal government and Meta

Kirk LaPointe: Meta does to news what Ottawa thought it wouldn't

The Trudeau government has misjudged the tech titans and threatened Canadian journalism

Kirk LaPointe: Cabinet shuffle signals an administration aware it’s wearing thin on Canadians

What the cabinet shuffle accomplishes in this government’s lifespan – even if it wins the next election – is of questionable Liberal benefit, writes Kirk LaPointe