Kirk LaPointe

Kirk LaPointe: Freeland dodged and dismissed business concerns in GVBOT address

For someone with a decade of experience in public life, Freeland put on a performance of astonishing misjudgment

Kirk LaPointe: Federal budget arrives, fiscal direction doesn't

Grim deficit news among the goodies from the federal government

Participating in Canada’s recreational hockey boomer boom

Everyone who is in it, is in it for the camaraderie that comes with a club

We must fix our failure to fight online hate and harassment

A recent court case involving a respected local journalist highlights what those in the industry endure, and how little has been done to address it

B.C.'s proposed pay legislation unlikely to bring about meaningful transparency

It is a cliché that the lack of a growth strategy for British Columbia’s economy owes to a lack of business experience in cabinet. Only two ministers – Brenda Bailey in jobs, economic development...

Big city budgets ignore reality of challenging economic times

News flash to new municipal councils: Life in British Columbia is expensive enough. We don’t need you to pile on. Fact: Your constituents are dealing with household costs rising faster than at any...

Budget 2023: Under new premier, old NDP spending ways rise anew

Funds galore, but no plan for growth in first Eby provincial budget

Trudeau's denials of possible election interference can't be the final word

C’mon already, this is getting beyond ridiculous. Prime Minister, there is too much weight behind the worry that Chinese diplomats and their proxies intervened in our last two federal election...

The grim implications of a missed opportunity

A decision Thursday by the Supreme Court of Canada has left British Columbia as the province where it is perhaps the most difficult for journalists to protect their confidential sources. The High...

Eby has an opportunity to drastically address B.C.'s mental health and addictions crisis

The most politically courageous move David Eby can make February 28 in his first budget as premier is to deliver British Columbians more Red Fish. Yes, Red Fish, as in the modern, sophisticated,...