Kirsten Clarke

Former Richmond MP to receive $1.6 million pension over lifetime

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has released its calculations of estimated pension and severance payments for the 94 MPs who will not be returning to Ottawa after last month’s election, including...

Metro Vancouver board endorses eight-lane Massey Tunnel replacement

Board’s endorsement follows recommendation of an immersed-tube tunnel by region's mayors last month

Ferry terminal at YVR ‘suggested’ as province looks at B.C. Ferries’ future

A government review of BC Ferries has raised the idea of building a terminal on Iona Island near YVR. The idea, floated in a 2018 report, would “significantly reduce” crossing times to Vancouver...

Illegal tobacco in Metro Vancouver costing B.C. over $425,000

The B.C government has seized 1.5 million grams of illegal tobacco in the lower mainland during the first quarter of the fiscal year as part of its ongoing battle against the contraband...

Richmond dentist charged patients thousands for work he had not performed

Dr. Bin Xu ‘crossed ethical threshold,’ says B.C. dental college

YVR’s new ad campaign features search for Ryan Reynolds

In a video, airport president and CEO Craig Richmond says he is obsessed with getting Reynolds to serve as the ‘face’ of the airport