Mary Charleson

Top 10 online marketing trends for 2015

1. Content will be king This trend will continue, simply because social media and mobile devices have enabled the growth in material available for consumption. Content can position a company or...

Using content marketing to become a media mogul

Wouldn’t it be great to have the media clout of Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Rupert Murdock, or Mark Zukerberg? 

Relationship selling: Understanding courtship and the use of social media

I blame the guarded attitude of many folks towards the sales process in business solidly on the shoulders of Willy Loman, the hapless salesman, and feature character in Arthur Miller’s Death of a...

Marketing to increase sales: Tap the power of one to plug into the power of many

I found myself reflecting on pivotal events of 2013 recently, and in honour of Nelson Mandela's passing, I watched again a 1992 movie called The Power of One, set in South Africa during the Second...

Overexposed and overshared: Going private in public and the new desire to disconnect

Kit Kat in Amsterdam created a Wi-Fi-free zone by blocking signals in a five-metre radius around a bench that invited people to “take a break,” and, of course, have a Kit Kat

Treasure hunter’s tale provides valuable business lessons

Have a distinct business offering that’s valued by your target audience and not easily copied

Making a business case for social media

Much has been written about the power of social media to connect people and to potentially connect people to your product. Beyond the fun stuff and personal use, there is real value for businesses...

Winning campaigns exploit the chemistry of great storytelling

Winning campaigns now strive to use cross-platform storytelling rather than creating content for a particular medium

Measuring major marketing mishaps in the new social media milieu

They’re big, battered, bruised and back for more. What can we learn from the social media mistakes of big global brands?

Betting against Google could be a risky gamble for your business

The cover of Fast Company magazine recently caught my eye. A photo of Google CEO Larry Page was plastered on the front under the heading, “Look out Apple, Facebook & Amazon – Why...