Mike Howell

Vancouver mayor, city councillors begin 2023 with 7.3% pay hike

At $98,585 a year, Vancouver councillors are still paid lower than civic politicians in Edmonton and Calgary

Election 2022: Why Colleen Hardwick wants to be mayor of Vancouver

Hardwick: ‘I have no idea where this right-wing narrative has come from but it's just bogus’

John Coupar resigns as Vancouver NPA’s mayoral candidate

NPA vice-president of the board: ‘I truly just think he looked at the lay of the land and what was happening out there’

Feds contribute $7 million for $81M ‘passive house’ tower in Coal Harbour

Vancouver MP: ‘Once completed, the fully electrical building will emit 94 per cent less GHG emissions than a standard building’

Airbnb challenges ruling to disclose short-term rental data to Vancouver housing activist

Rohana Rezel: ‘Overall, it will help citizens get a clear understanding of who's hosting what and where’

New auditor general to examine ‘cost effectiveness’ of Vancouver police department

Mike Macdonell’s office will also audit the city’s cybersecurity program and climate change plan

Vancouver’s 2030 goal for more trips by bike, walking in jeopardy

Not exactly breaking news here, but it’s evident the city has spent some serious taxpayer dollars in recent years to make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to get around in Vancouver. In fact,...

Should City of Vancouver help fund legal challenge against Quebec’s controversial Bill 21?

Victoria, Toronto, Brampton have all contributed money to the legal fight

Here's what a 5% property tax hike means for Vancouver taxpayers

Balancing $1.7 billion budget requires cutting forecasted expenses for 2022 by $45 million